This is the sad face of what it looks like when a fund blows up sells options.  That’s a great business almost all of the time except once in awhile when something moves really far, really fast. That’s exactly what happened to natural gas lately, as it jumped 50% in a couple weeks. It cost this firm — which specializes in writing commodity options for high net-worth individuals —… Read more »

This hedge fund manager lost an estimated $150 million, so he went on YouTube to say sorry

James Cordier is a man who’s supposed to be great with money.  He’s a hedge fund manager who reportedly managed about $150 million for nearly 300 clients for As Bloomberg points out, Cordier also wrote a 2014 book called The Complete Guide to Option Selling, and an archived version of his company’s now-scrubbed website said it was “Where the Financial… Read more »

‘Blowing Up’: How This One Fund Blew Up Overnight – And What We Can Learn From It

“The problem with experts is that they do not know what they do not know.” ― Nassim Nicholas Taleb Giving you a little background – Mr. James Cordier ran the website – a Florida-based investment firm that specialized in writing commodity options for high net-wealth individuals. He’s even authored a book about option selling that’s in… Read more »

Investment boss in tearful video apology over losses

The boss of a Florida-based financial firm has made a tearful video apology to clients after bad bets on oil and natural gas prices wiped out their investments. James Cordier blamed a recent bout of market volatility for the losses, which are set to destroy his firm. “I truly invested your funds like you were… Read more »

He Blew Up His Fund. Now He’s a Laughingstock.

An emotional apology video from the founder of is going viral. Investors and traders thought the video was parody, at first. “Real talk: between the domain name, headline, and the fact that he released via YouTube, I thought this was a joke,” tweeted Christie Hamilton — a portfolio manager for Children’s Health in Dallas,… Read more »

Broker Seeks $35 Million From Customers of Wiped-Out Fund Manager

FCStone seeks $35.3 millon after liquidating client accounts. Exposure to losses not yet determined, FCStone says in filing. For investors wiped out by’s disastrous trading in the natural gas market, the ordeal isn’t over, as a brokerage that handled their accounts pursues them for millions of dollars. INTL FCStone Inc. liquidated about 300 client accounts… Read more » investors hit by natgas swings -INTL FCStone

Commodities trading adviser suffered losses due to recent volatility in U.S. energy markets, causing accounts to be liquidated, the firm’s clearinghouse, INTL FCStone Inc, said in a statement on Monday. The liquidation of Tampa, Florida-based OptionSellers accounts comes after one of the most volatile weeks in the U.S. natural gas market in years, as… Read more »

A risky natural gas bet gone awry leads to weepy YouTube confessional video

Volatile commodity markets often lead to colossal failures, as the founder of a Tampa, Florida-based options firm acknowledged in a bizarre, 10-minute YouTube confession in recent days. In the video, a money manager named James Cordier tells his 290 clients that he couldn’t navigate a “rogue wave” that hit as oil and natural gas markets… Read more »

James Cordier – The Founder of OptionSellers Issues Appology Video

James Cordier, the head trader and founder of OptionSellers, posted a video online to explain the situation and included an emotional apology to clients stating that losses from poor bets on energy prices would likely lead to the demise of his firm.